Nigel B. Peck

Egoic software engineer specialising in deconstruction, dissolution and clearance of egoic structure and full cellular embodiment. I also mentor, teach and consult on internet software engineering on the side.
Artist Formerly Known As: Mentor, Writer, Consultant, Technical Project Manager, Software Engineer

I have been leading and managing projects with web technologies for over twenty years. I offer mentoring and consultancy to help learners, professional developers and product owners. I offer freelance development work.

I write on Medium. I maintain a YouTube Channel. Find me on Spotify.

Mentoring, Consultancy, Freelance

Most of my work is through Code Mentor. Check out my long list of exemplary reviews there. Find me on


I write articles on Medium; I operate a Medium publication: The Heart of Software (submissions welcome).

Recent Writing

A recent popular article is Being a Programmer is Not About Writing Code; another is How to Code Web Apps the Right Way.

In the Press and Social Media

I am available for interviews if the proposal sounds interesting and will give full honesty to any interviewer with whom I agree to work (without obligation for any party). Please let me know the approach that you have in mind.